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Let's start exploring!

Explore Cinque Terre, on of the most famous World's UNESCO Heritage, from a truly different point of view!

Take part in one of our kayak tours, and reach some Cinque Terre's hidden beauties across the Marine Protected Area.

“Have you ever went kayaking? Don't be afraid if the answer is no!”

Between our kayak tours, you can find the one that most suit your needs. Leaving early in the morning for a longer trip, or ending your day tour with a kayak experience at the sunset, all experiences deliver the same amount of magic and fun!

For Whom?

Everyone with the right amount of love for the outdoor activities and joy in trying some new experience is welcome in our kayak tours!

We have experiences for all levels, and beginner activities are always preceed by a quick tip lessone where a patented FICK Teacher will teach how to easily handle your kayak.

For Where?

Our kayak tours begins in Monterosso al Mare, the most western village of Cinque Terre.

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