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YES! We love Cinque Terre!

We are crazy for this environment, we love every aspects of Cinque Terre. History, legends, architecture, foods and traditions, its wild and hard to be reached location and most of anyone else its natural environment.

“I've been living here for forty year now, but every time I discover something new.”

We obviously inclined to outdoor activities as we love water sports a lot and we've been practicing, teaching and promoting kayaking for over twenty years now.

What is the "Art content gallery" and what is its goal?

We love Cinque Terre and we celebrate appreciation for its natural environment every time we paddle, hike or just stay there. With our tours we try to share this love introducing you to its history, legends, or any other inspiring beauty, but we want to do more.

For those who never been here, for those who are planning their next trip, or simply for anyone need an inspiring moment between the daily routine, the goal of this blog's category is to provide great contents for your daily dream.

How we choose the content?

The way content will be chosen is so simple. The content that can make us feel goosebumps are the ones we wanna share with you.

We believe that if a content, could be a paint, a picture a video, if able to makes us feel good vibes, is the right one.

Will content be produced by famous artists?

Famous artists, artists to come, simply traveller, it won't make a difference for us, the only important thing is sharing a common admiration for this place known as world's famous UNESCO Heritage.

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