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Since 1997

We work in the sport and outdoor industry as a provider and trainers since 1997, providing kayak classes, official training for the Kayak Federation and educational programs as well as active tourism experiences and leisure activities.

Loving Cinque Terre a World Unesco Heritage

We grew up loving our territory and water sports, hence our desire to share.

We believe in simple and solid values such as respect for nature and people, and we spent all your efforts to create safe and affordable unforgettable experiences.


Kayak tours are the best way to explore Cinque Terre. 

Designed to be within everyone's reach and allow a wide audience the opportunity to live their holiday actively. Combining the exploration with the practice of an outdoor activity that will make your experience unforgettable.


Experiences in Cinque Terre

Whether on vacation, celebrating a special event, through specific projects for schools or businesses, or just leisure, our kayak tours are a great way to invest your money.


The high professionalism of our team is what makes us unique. 

Our members, in the lower season, provide consultancy to other companies that deal with commercial outdoor and active tourism through business development consultancy, marketing, sports training, and the development of educational projects aimed at primary school.


CINQUE TERRE OUTDOOR is composed of professionals with vary specializations but a common interest: territory and water sports.


After decades of offering their professional knowledge to some leading outdoor players, they came out with the desire to create something in the territory they love most.


Our team is composed of a business developer, marketing manager, web marketing specialist, communication experts, Canoe, and Kayak Italian Federation Instructors with the highest level, with over twenty years of experience in teaching and training.

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